A Curried Favor is the 20th episode of Sailor Moon R. It was preceded by A Charmed Life and followed by Naughty 'N' Nice.


Serena's parents are unable to attend the curry potluck at school, so Serena decides to make the curry instead. Meanwhile, Rubeus sends Avery and Prizma to take over the next crystal point, in a supermarket.

Serena asks Darien to help her make the curry (as she wants to see him again), and they go to the same supermarket with Rini. At the supermarket, Avery and Prizma have cursed the fruit they are selling so that anyone who eats it falls under their spell, and the place soon becomes full of dark energy, so that when Serena, Darien, and Rini arrive, the food is rotten, except for a single carrot. Avery and Prizma send a droid named Avocado, who drains the energy from those under their spell. Serena and Raye transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars, and Darien transforms into Tuxedo Mask and stops Avocado's egg bomb. Sailor Moon destroys Avocado with Moon Scepter Elimination.

Afterward, Darien, Rini, and Serena try out Serena's curry, which turns out to taste good.


  • First and last appearance of Droid Avocado.


  • Luna attacks Avocado while Serena transforms. Sailor Moon's transformation sequence in particular takes quite a while, and many fans wonder why the villains don't just attack her when she is in the middle of a transformation.