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  • BlossomBubblesButtercup

    Hi! I'm Sailor Mercury. If you saw Serena's update, she said me and the other scouts would be writing updates every day! Here's my update: Raye is sick and may not recover her sickness untill her update. 

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  • BlossomBubblesButtercup

    Sailor Moon!

    September 2, 2013 by BlossomBubblesButtercup

    Hi! This is Sailor Moon. I'm looking for extar Sailors. If you would likr to particapate, just leave your middle name in the comments! Example:Say your middle name was Emily. You would be Sailor Emily! My scouts have updates about this every day, so be alert! See you at the audition!

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  • Necromancer33

    Have you ever noticed you never seen any pages regarding to the movies? well i'm not complaining but why not create a movie page,with all due respect i think the founder should make the sailor moon movie pages

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  • Dzer2o12


    February 1, 2012 by Dzer2o12
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  • Kate.moon

    Sailor Moon @ Hot Topic

    August 15, 2011 by Kate.moon

    The popular retail chain Hot Topic will be selling Sailor Moon costumes in time for Halloween! With the resurgence of Sailor Moon in the States (Sailor Moon manga and Codename: Sailor V will be available this September!), it looks like our favorite odango-head is going mainstream!

    Will you be dressing up like Sailor Moon (or other Sailor Scouts) for Halloween?

    Check out the below link for a quick glimpse at the costume!

    Anime News Network

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  • Kate.moon

    Hey Sailor Moon fans! I'm Kate from Wikia and we would really appreciate it if you guys took time to fill out our sweet and short survey! Wikia wants to know what you guys think so we appreciate everyone's help!

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  • Barneygirl18

    Moonlight Densetsu is my favorite song ever and I know all the words to it by heart. Does anyone have a video of this song? Thanks!!Barneygirl18 20:32, March 17, 2010 (UTC)Barneygirl18

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