Cannonball is a Remless sent by Hawk's Eye to fight the Sailor Scouts. She attacks by entering a cannon and lighting the fuse to blast off and attack, causing an explosion. She appeared in Sailor Moon Super S Episode 3, Sweet Dreams.

Hawk's Eye sent Cannonball to attack the Sailor Scouts when they tried to stop him looking into Serena's mother's dreams for Pegasus. Cannonball fought the Sailor Scouts and gained the advantage, while Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon fought Hawk's Eye, who gained the advantage. Finding Pegasus to not be in Mrs. Tsukino's dreams, he decided she was expendable, and Cannonball aimed at her, since she was trapped and was unable to dodge. Rini called Pegasus, who gave her and Serena power to transform into Super Sailors and use new attacks. Sailor Mini Moon used Crystal Twinkle Bell, and Sailor Moon destroyed Cannonball with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

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