Danko is a Remless sent by Tiger's Eye to fight the Sailor Scouts. Like her master, she attacks with a whip. She appeared in Sailor Moon Super S Episode 2, No Ordinary Horsepower.

While Tiger's Eye was looking into Rita's dreams, Sailor Mini Moon came to stop him, so he sent Danko after her. He told Danko to destroy Rita when he saw that Pegasus was not there. The other Sailor Scouts arrived, but Danko kept chasing them in circles with her whip until Pegasus transformed Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon into Super Sailors, and Sailor Moon used Super Moon Target to destroy Danko.


  • Danko looks slightly similar to Frieza from Dragonball Z.
  • Danko shares her name with the main villain of Volume 4 of the TV series Heroes. Interestingly enough, the Heroes villain that comes after Emile Danko has his base of operations in a carnival and survives, much like the Dark Moon Circus's true leader, Queen Nehelenia.

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