Dreams of Her Own is the 25th episode of Sailor Moon Super S. It was preceded by Heartfelt Melody and followed by Dental Dilemma.


Raye is featured on the cover of a magazine. A little girl named Nanako appears and says she wants to be just like Raye, and asks her if she can become her assistant. Raye says yes, as she is unable to reject her. Zircon witnesses this and takes Nanako's picture and gives it to Zirconia as the next target, and he sends the Amazon Quartet after her.

Raye and Nanako sell charms at the temple, and Nanako dresses like Raye and puts on a wig that resembles her hair. She later tells Serena and Rini that she had dreams once, but had to give them up, so she is following Raye's dreams now. She thinks Raye's dream is to stay at the temple and sell charms all her life. When they tell Raye, she says that she wants to travel and get married, and that Nanako is completely wrong for the job of selling charms. Nanako overhears this and runs off.

Besu Besu appears before Nanako and extracts her dream mirror. It is not the golden mirror. The Sailor Scouts arrive, so Besu Besu sends a Remless named Manemane after them. Manemane has the appearance of a monkey and mimics people, even imitating the Sailor Scouts' attacks. She then eats Nanako's dream mirror. After her Mars Celestial Fire Surround is used against her, Sailor Mars uses a new attack which Manemane is unable to mimic: Mars Flame Shooter. Manemane is severely burned. Sailor Mini Moon calls Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell and Sailor Moon destroys Manemane with Moon Gorgeous Meditation. Nanako's dream mirror is released unharmed and returned to her.

Nanako gets a job at the hamburger shop.


  • First and last appearance of Remless Manemane

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