Duchess Rubina is a duchess who appeared in Sailor Moon Super S Episode 19, Duchess's Day Off. She faked illness to escape her royal duties, and went to the festival, where Serena and Rini were. While at the festival, Rubina saw a boy screaming at his mother for a balloon, so she gave him one from the balloon stand, and then gave out more balloons to the other kids who witnessed this. The owner asked her to pay for them (though he nearly fell for her at one point) and got angry and tried to attack her, but Hawk's Eye (who was targeting her for her dream mirror) stopped him. When he said he knew who she was, she thought he was from the government to find her. Hawk's Eye was forced to pay for the balloons. Eventually he extracted Rubina's dream mirror, but didn't find Pegasus when he looked into it. He did not have the chance to kill her either, as Sailor Moon arrived to stop him.

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