Enemies No More is the 23rd episode of Sailor Moon R. It was preceded by Prediction of Doom and followed by Checkmate.


Wiseman is frustrated that the invasion in the future is still not going well, and tells Rubeus to hurry up. Rubeus sends Catzi to find Rini, who will be appearing at Raye's temple. Catzi falls in love with Rubeus, and gives her a bottle of cologne, but he crushes it, while adding on the warning to Catzi not to fail or she's out of the Negamoon Family.

Catzi goes to the temple, pretending to be selling makeup. She attempts to find out the location of Rini and the Sailor Scouts through Raye, whom Rubeus tells her is friends with the Sailor Scouts, but gets nothing out of her.

Later, Catzi finds Rini and attacks her, but Chad tries to fight Catzi off. She injures him with Dark Fire. Raye transforms into Sailor Mars to fight Catzi, revealing her true identity to her. Sailor Mars fights her and is at a disadvantage until Tuxedo Mask arrives, distracting Catzi as he gets Rini to safety. Sailor Mars defeats her with Mars Celestial Fire Surround, and Rubeus appears to tell her she has been kicked out of the Negamoon Family, and rejects her, as he is not in love with her. Having broken her spirit and completely demoralized her, he gives her a Nega Bomb to destroy the Sailor Scouts and the temple. Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter destroy the bomb so no one gets hurt, and Catzi goes on a rampage over losing her suicide option.

Sailor Jupiter attacks Catzi, but Sailor Mars takes the hit and says that there is good within Catzi. Catzi says she wants to get rid of the evil within her, so Sailor Moon used Moon Crystal Healing Activation on her. She then opens a cosmetic shop, and Chad recognizes her as she sells makeup to the temple.


  • Catzi turns good in this episode.

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