"Eternal Sleep" is an ability wielded by multiple villains and monsters in Sailor Moon. It often functions as an tool for punishment used by those in higher positions of power.


Sailor Moon

The first is the state Queen Beryl put Jedite into when he was defeated by the Sailor Scouts. Jedite was put into an eternal frozen state, then vanished into infinite darkness. Beryl later threatened Neflite and Zoycite with the same fate.

Sailor Moon R

The second is an ability used by the Droid, Hypnotica. She invaded Sailor Moon's body and placed in an Eternal Sleep". She was later driven out of her when Tuxedo Mask kissed her.

Sailor Moon SuperS

Upon escaping from her mirror, Queen Nehelenia put Sailor Mini Moon into "Eternal Sleep", but Pegasus reawakened her.

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