Fiendish Ferns is the 32nd episode of Sailor Moon S. It was preceded by Next in Line and followed by The Science of Love.


Mimet is inside Eugeal's enlarging machine when Telulu pulls the plug, killing her. Telulu disappears, and Sailor Moon returns to her original form and collapses. Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto walk off, and the Sailor Scouts try to convince them not to go after Hotaru.

Telulu comes up with a plan for extracting several Pure Hearts at once. She has invented a plant called a Venus Heart Trap. Kaorinite expresses her gratitude to Doctor Tomoe for bringing her back to life after Sailor Uranus killed her. He tells her she should get back to doing their evil plans. The "Witches 5" door now has a poster put on it (quite badly) to read "Witches 3". Telulu opens a shop where she sells Venus Heart Traps.

Rini searches for Hotaru at Mugen School.

Trista finds the Venus Heart Traps to be suspicious, and soon discovers that they were made to extract Pure Hearts. After awakening from the Sovereign of Silence's control, Hotaru buys a Venus Heart Trap from Telulu (unaware of her identity or plan) and gives it to Rini, momentarily becoming possessed by the Sovereign of Silence again. Then, Kaorinite appears, grabs Hotaru, and leaves. Trista appears, and, noticing the Venus Heart Trap, destroys it. Rini tells her that Hotaru gave it to her, and Trista thinks that Hotaru is after her Pure Heart. Rini is sure Hotaru did not know what the plant was, and was not involved in any way.

Serena, Rini, and Trista sneak into Telulu's shop just as she is activating the Venus Heart Snatchers to steal the Pure Hearts of everyone in the shop. Serena, Rini, and Trista transform into Sailor Moon, Sailor Mini Moon, and Sailor Pluto, and fight Telulu. Telulu attacks Sailor Pluto by extending vines from her hands to electrocute her, when Tuxedo Mask arrives and attacks her, setting Sailor Pluto free. Sailor Moon transforms into Super Sailor Moon with the Purity Chalice and uses Rainbow Moon Heart Ache to destroy all Telulu's plants.

Telulu pulls out a final Venus Heart Snatcher and injects it, transforming it into a gigantic, ravenous plant monster named Big Bertha who eats Pure Hearts. She holds up a star crystal containing all the Pure Hearts she absorbed, but Tuxedo Mask knocks it out of her hand and it shatters on the ground, releasing all the Pure Hearts. Big Bertha suddenly turns on Telulu and grabs her in her vines. Telulu electrocutes Big Bertha with her own vines, causing Big Bertha to selfdestruct, destroying Telulu as well. Only her passport remains, identifying her as a student at Mugen School.


  • First completely unshadowed appearance of Telulu
  • Final appearance of Telulu
  • From this episode, there are no more Daimons sent to extract Pure Hearts

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