Biographical Information
Name Jedite
Aliases Jed,
Love Line DJ
Age Unknown[1]
Height 5'9" (175cm)[1]
Weight 150lbs (68kg)[1]
Blood Type
Personal information
Hobbies Seducing young girls and women[1]
Favorite Color Unknown[1]
Favorite Gmestone
Favorite Foods
Least Favorite Food
Favorite Subject
Least Favorite Subject
Favorite Sport
Favorite Animal
Enemy Information
Alignment Evil
Affiliation Negaverse[1]
Rank Commander[1]
Attacks Energy attacks
Abilities Uses flower pedals to blind or harm opponents
Power Source Negaverse
Weaknesses Failing[1]
Strengths Ability to control Negamonsters[1]
Monster Type Negaverse-born Human
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "A Moon Star is Born"
Last Appearance "Fight to the Finish"
English Tony Daniels (DiC Dub),
Todd Haberkorn (Viz Dub)
Japanese Masaya Onosaka

"Stupid Humans! They're so easy to fool!"

Jedite (ジェダイト Jadeite?) is a major antagonist in the first thirteen episodes of Sailor Moon. A commander in Queen Beryl's army in the Negaverse, Jedite was one of the first commanders sent out against a newly revived Sailor Moon.


Silver Millennium

Like the other commanders, Jedite was a soldier in the Negaforce's army. When they attacked the Moon Kingdom, Jedite and the other commanders were at the forefront of the attack. Queen Serenity was able to seal Jedite and the rest of the Negaverse away after using the Crescent Moon Wand.

Sailor Moon

Jedite was the first commander that Queen Beryl sent to Earth. His task was to gather energy for the Negaforce. The Negamonsters he sent were disguised as people, either impersonating someone or using an original human disguise.

He and his Negamonsters charged items with dark energy and gave them to several people to drain their energy. His first attempt of this was with jewelry charged with dark energy, which a monster disguised as Molly's mom gave to several people. However, Sailor Moon foiled all of his plans, and the energy was always returned whenever Jedite's monsters were destroyed.

After eight of his plans failed, and his monsters were destroyed, Jedite reluctantly used one of the strongest monsters in the Negaverse. Jedite's plan to drain energy from people in love on the love cruise. Jedite impersonated a captain, and nearly fell for Serena, who was also in disguise. Despite his efforts, the Negamonster Titus was destroyed, much to Beryl's displeasure

Beryl told Jedite to defeat the Sailor Scouts, and if he failed, she would condemn him to Eternal Sleep. Through an illusion, Jedite told the Sailor Scouts to meet him at the airport, and that if they did not come, he would burn Tokyo to the ground.

The Sailor Scouts arrived at the airport and Jedite created several monsters out of clay, resembling cops, but Sailor Mars destroyed them. Jedite then controlled two jets to chase after the Sailor Scouts, but they were stopped by Tuxedo Mask. Tuxedo Mask fought Jedite, but was supposedly killed.

Jedite then re-controlled the jets to chase after the Sailor Scouts, but they devised a plan. While Sailor Moon distracted the jets, Sailor Mercury used Mercury Bubbles Blast to obscure Jedite's vision, then Sailor Mars used a scroll attack on Jedite to make the jets chase after him instead. Sailor Moon threw her tiara at Jedite, but he avoided it, however one of the jets ran him over.

Returning to the Negaverse, Jedite attempted to tell Queen Beryl the identities of the Sailor Scouts, but she only cared about the fact that he failed to defeat them, and put him into Eternal Sleep, permanently freezing him before vanishing him into eternal darkness.



Powers and Abilities

Jedite is the weakest of the four commanders. He can shoot bolts of lightning, project a protective force field, and control vehicles to chase after people. He also is able to stop Sailor Moon's tiara coming at him in the second episode.

Jedite's Negamonsters

Prior to his defeat and subsequent punishment, Jedite used a total of eight Negamonsters against the Sailor Scouts.

Original Japanese Adaptation

Jadeite manga

Jedite as he appeared in the original manga, illustrated by creator Naoko Takeuchi.

In the original Japanese anime adaptation of Naoko Takeuchi's manga, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, the character is named Jadeite His name in the English Localization of Sailor Moon is simplified to "Jedite".

In the supplemental material for the manga, Jadeite is approximately eighteen years old. Jadeite is the one of the first Shitennou of the Dark Kingdom's to appear in both the manga and the anime adaptation. He, like the other Shitennou, were once inhabitants of the planet Earth. They once served as guardians and advisors to Prince Endymion before they were persuaded to join the Dark Kingdom.

A great deal of the events in the original thirteen episodes of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon remain largely unchanged from the events of the manga. However, when the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon, are able to give Rae Hino her transformation pen to transform into Sailor Mars. Mars petrifies Jadeite, transforming him into stone with her anti-evil scrolls.

Another Shitennou, Nephrite, is able to preserve his skeleton in a glass coffin and vows to bring him back to life. Jadeite is temporarily revived when Princess Serenity is found, but immediately turned into precious stones afterward.


  • Jedite's original name, "Jadeite" is the name of an actual rock mineral.
  • Jedite's voice actor, Tony Daniels, would go on to voice Wiseman in the second season of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon R.
  • Jedite is unique as a villain in the sense that he established the formulaic pattern for all four seasons of Sailor Moon.
  • Some fans believed Jedite is the Wiseman, brainwashed by the Negamoon, because of their shared voice actor (Tony Daniels). Others believe that the frozen Jedite was destroyed along with the Negaverse.


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