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Jupiter Thunder Crash is Sailor Jupiter's first attack.

It zaps the enemy with lightning bolts and can electrocute them.

Her first use of the attack was in Sailor Moon Episode 21, Jupiter Comes Thundering In. After transforming for the first time, Sailor Jupiter used it on Game Machine Man when he had Sailor Moon trapped. Sailor Moon proceeded to heal him.

The attack has rarely been used to destroy monsters, usually only to damage them. However, four monsters have been destroyed by this attack. The first two were Doom and Gloom Girls (the red one and the blue one) in Episode 40, Day of Destiny. The second was a Cardian named Faraion in Sailor Moon R Episode 3, A Knight to Remember. The fourth was Cardian Nacrid in Episode 4, VR Madness, which she combined Jupiter Thunder Crash with Sailor Venus's Venus Crescent Beam Smash.


  • The (now nonexistant) official Sailor Moon website incorrectly named the attack "Jupiter Thunder Crush". This was likely a typo.

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