Kamori is an artist who paints pictures, but everyone he painted a picture of said that it looked nothing like them. He appeared in Sailor Moon Super S Episode 29, Reflections of Reality.

Kamori had no money, and hadn't eaten for three days before he met Serena and Rini, so they gave him some food. He also drew a picture of Serena. The other Sailor Scouts wanted their pictures drawn too. He was being targeted by Cele Cele, who asked him to paint a picture of her. She was unhappy with the way he drew her and asked him to draw what she told him, betraying his dream. Eventually she extracted his dream mirror, which was not the golden mirror (and was a dull grey because his dream was lost). She sent the Remless Togetoge to eat it, but when she refused ("It says in my contract I don't have to touch icky things!") Cele Cele forced her to eat it, before Togetoge was destroyed by Sailor Moon, and the dream mirror returned to him.

Afterward, he drew a picture of Raye, and his dream was restored.

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