Kerokero is a Remless sent by Besu Besu to fight the Sailor Scouts. She has a froglike appearance, and has a froglike head on her chest, which can extend its tongue. She appeared in Sailor Moon Super S Episode 24, Heartfelt Melody.

When Besu Besu extracted the dream mirror of a composer named Toshiyuki Nishino, she found it wasn't the golden mirror. The Sailor Scouts came to stop her, so she sent Kerokero, who initially appeared as a tadpole, but then entered the piano and entered a humanoid froglike form. She used her second head to swallow Toshiyuki's dream mirror. Besu Besu trapped the Sailor Scouts in the computer, but they escaped when Sailor Mercury used her new attack, Mercury Aqua Rhapsody, and Sailor Mini Moon called Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell. Sailor Moon destroyed Kerokero with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Her attack pattern was never revealed.

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