Sailor Moon Attacks
8 Mars Fire Ignite
ファイヤー・ソウル (Fire Soul?)
Mars Fire
1st Appearance ""An Uncharmed Life""
Attack Information
Element Fire based attack
Attack Type Offensive
Sailor Scout Sailor Mars
"Mars Fire... Ignite!"
—Attack Phrase

Mars Fire (or Mars Fire Ignite) is an offensive attack used by Sailor Mars. The first of Sailor Mars's attack, Mars Fire is used primarily as an offensive attack against Negamonsters and other enemies faced by the Sailor Scouts. When used in conjunction with another attack, such as Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic or Sailor Venus's Venus Love Chain, both attack abilities are boosted and can harm or destroy a monster. Mars Fire


Mars Fire is triggered whenever Sailor Mars clasps her hands together and points both index fingers upward. The position of her hands is the first kuji-in, "Rin (?)". Fire materializes above both index fingers and explodes outward in a spiral fireball attack that is sometimes powerful enough to destroy a monster.

Sailor Moon

In Sailor Moon Episode 7, "An Uncharmed Life", when Sailor Mars transformed for the first time, she used Mars Fire Ignite to destroy the Negamonster, Kigaan.

The attack rarely destroyed any other monsters. There were three occasions when she combined it with Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic. The first time was against Dream Dolly in "Nightmare in Dreamland". The second was against the Gemini Warriors in Episode 17 (in this case, Sailor Mercury combined her Mercury Bubbles with the two attacks as well). The third was against Housenka, Grape, and Suzuran in Episode 20.

Presumably, this was the attack she used to destroy the last two Doom and Gloom Girls in Episode 40.

Sailor Moon R-Sailor Moon SuperS

After Sailor Mars regains her memories and abilities, she continued to use Mars Fire against the Cardians and Droids. However, with the ability of Star Power, she depended on the attack Mars Celestial Fire and later, Mars Flame Shooter (with Crystal Power), more readily. During Sailor Moon R, she combined Mars Fire Ignite with Sailor Venus's Venus Crescent Beam to destroy the Cardian, Minotaur. She also use it to destroy a snow dancer in Hearts and Ice movie.




  • In the Japanese adaptation and in the Viz dub of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Mars Fire is called "Fire Soul". The phrase may or may not correlate closely to Raye's position and abilities as a priestess.


Hi is the character for fire, which Sailor Mars' powers are based upon. Rei means "soul" or "spirit", but is written in katakana (which is commonly used for foreign words) to show Rei's exotic nature. Once again the -no shows possession, and Rei's name means "soul of fire". Since ancient times, the planet Mars has been associated with fire because of its bright red color.

Fire seems to symbolize purification and rebirth both physically or spiritually in many cultures and can also be seen as a living entity through which wisdom can be gained. For example, compare Rei's firereading to Moses' burning bush and the famous writing on the wall in the Christian Bible.

Fire can also be seen to represent destruction and chaos or even war, correlating closely with the God of War, Mars (Ares in Greek mythology). Fire appears to have even greater meaning for the character of Sailor Mars.

Symbolic of inspiration, also resurrection and birth sometimes. Can be seen as a purification, or a symbol of divinity. Wisdom is another. In representation of the Asian version of the element, one's personality is confident, decisive, exploring, warm, emotional, and dynamic. They are born leaders.

Sailor Mars' powers are based on the Asian element fire, also associated with her planet. The Japanese name for the planet is Ka-sei, fire planet. In planetary colors, red is the color of Mars. This, plus the element representation makes her uniform red.

Passion and energy are qualities of the Asian element fire, so could explain Rei's temperament at times. Also, being a Shinto priestess, she fire reads, which could come not just from her religion but also because her deity was of the future and fire. "In many mythologies fire and light are very definitely symbols of awareness, awakening, or spiritual illumination" (Ross, 22). This quote describes that part of Rei's personality perfectly.

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