Sailor Moon Attacks
1 Mars fireballs charge
悪霊退散 (Akuryo Taisan?)
Mars Fireballs
1st Appearance "An Uncharmed Life"
Attack Information
Element Spirit based attack
Attack Type Offensive
Sailor Scout Sailor Mars
"I call upon the powers of Mars! Fireballs Charge!"
—Attack Phrase

Mars Fareballs (also know as Mars Fireballs Charge) is an offensive attack used by Sailor Mars. Working in conjunction with Raye Hino's abilities as a Shinto Priestess, Sailor Mars uses a ofuda imbued with the power of Mars to paralyze enemies or banish evil spirits and negative forces.


Mars Fireballs can be used whether or not Raye Hino is transformed or not. As Sailor Mars, she can use the abilities of Mars to charge the ofuda with energy that has the ability to war off negative attacks from enemies that could physically disable her or the other Sailor Scouts. When she is not transformed, Raye uses the phrase, "Evil spirits disperse!" to activate the charm.



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