Mary Long
Mary Long
Biographical Information
G. Name Mary Long
S. Name Mary Long
Born Canada
Birth 1951[1]
Role(s) Molly Baker,
Young Fiore,
Appeared in

Mary Long is a Canadian voice actor. She provided the voice of Molly Baker, Fiore, JunJun, and Melanie in Optimum Productions localizations of Sailor Moon and Fiore in The Promise of the Rose.[1]


With regard to Sailor Moon, Mary Long has been the only voice actor to portray Molly Baker since the the first and the second season of the series. She continued to perform for the character following Cloverway Inc.'s acquisition of the Sailor Moon licence when DiC Entertainment chose not to produce a localization for the third season, Sailor Moon S.

In addition to her work as Molly, Long also portrayed a young Fiore in the Pioneer Entertainment distributed and funded localization of Sailor Moon R: The Movie, as well as Melanie and JunJun in Sailor Moon SuperS, the fourth and final season of Sailor Moon that was televised in North America.

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