Mawashitaro is a Remless sent by Fish Eye to fight Sailor Moon. He has the appearance of Pegasus, but really looks like a man dressed up as Pegasus. He appeared in Sailor Moon Super S Episode 16, Kickin' into High Gear.

Fish Eye initially sent Mawashitaro to destroy some cars and trucks to make the Sailor Scouts believe that Pegasus was evil. She later sent him to fight Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon, and he used several Pegasus statues to create a forcefield around them, preventing Pegasus from getting to them when Sailor Mini Moon called him. Once the other Sailor Scouts (who were unaware of Mawashitaro's existence at the time) realized Pegasus was not the enemy, he turned them into Super Sailors and they broke through the barrier. Sailor Moon was then able to destroy Mawashitaro with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

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