This article is about Sailor Moon SuperS character. You may be looking for the Sailor Moon S character.

Maya is an old woman. She is rich, and also appears to be rude, as she was being mean to Darien. She lives in a large house by herself, and thinks everyone is out to get her. However, when she saw Diana, she took her into the house and took care of her for a while. After Diana told Rini, they went over to her house. Two thugs tried to force her to sell the house, but Hawk's Eye beat them up. She (correctly) assumed he was out to get her as well. He extracted her dream mirror in search of Pegasus, but did not find him. After Hawk's Eye's Remless, Autobiko, was destroyed, Maya's old boyfriend, Ichiro the chef, returned, enabling them to achieve their dream of making their house into a restaurant.

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