Miharu is a girl who is training to be the best swordfighter. She won 10 duels in a row, but was easily defeated by her mother, who viciously beat on her with a wooden sword. Her mother did not think she could achieve her dream of becoming a champion. Tiger's Eye challenged Miharu to a duel and won. He invented a story about a samurai school, and she asked him to teach her. After taking her toward the graveyard, Tiger's Eye extracted Miharu's dream mirror and looked into it, but did not find Pegasus. Before he could kill her, most of the Sailor Scouts arrived. Miharu was even able to injure Tiger's Eye's Remless, Ayatoriko, when fighting over her sword, she let go, causing it to hit Ayatoriko. After Ayatoriko was destroyed by Sailor Moon, Miharu realized that the truth behind her mother's actions was that she was was too serious to be a champion the way she was trying too hard.

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