Mikusi is a Daimon Heart Snatcher created by Kaorinite to extract Pure Hearts from people. She uses a long red and white tentacle from her hair to attack, and also can leave wooden versions of her hands while pinning people against a wall, in order to trap them. She was created when Kaorinite planted a Daimon pod inside a tree. She appeared in Sailor Moon S Episode 1, Star Struck, Bad Luck.

Kaorinite sent Mikusi to extract a Pure Heart from Raye. She fought off Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, and then Luna and Artemis. She even countered Sailor Moon's Moon Scepter Elimination. However, just as she extracted the Pure Heart, she was destroyed by Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune using World Shaking and Deep Submerge, and the Pure Heart was returned to Raye.

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