Molly Baker
[[Image:Molly Baker|250px]]
Biographical Information
Name Molly Baker
Nickname N/A
Age 14
Height 5'0
Weight 90 pounds
Blood Type
Personal information
Favorite Color orange
Favorite Gmestone
Favorite Foods
Least Favorite Food
Favorite Subject
Least Favorite Subject
Favorite Sport
Favorite Animal
Friends Serena Tsukino,
Melvin Butlers (friend; boyfriend)
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "A Moon Star is Born"
Last Appearance N/A
English Mary Long
Japanese Shino Kakinuma

Molly Baker (大阪なる Naru Osaka?) is a reoccurring character in Sailor Moon. She is a student at Crossroads Junior High and the best friend Serena Tsukino and sometimes the girlfriend of Melvin Butlers.


Sailor Moon

Her mother runs a jewelry store. The Negamonster, Morga, impersonated Molly's mother and drained energy from everyone there, including Molly, but was destroyed by Sailor Moon.

She fell in love with Neflite at one point. When Zoycite found out, she had three monsters kidnap Molly. Neflite saved her from them, but they later killed Neflite. After Neflite's death, she becomes close to Melvin and becomes his girlfriend.

Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon S

Sailor SuperS

Molly appeared throughout the series, at one point being targeted by Tiger's Eye, who searched her dreams for Pegasus.


  • Molly speaks with a distinct "Brooklyn accent", something her mother noticeably lacks. Speculation has led some fans to believe it is an reference to Naru's "Osaka accent" in the Japanese dub.[1]


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