Moonlight Soldiers (2012 Logo)

Moonlight Soldiers logo (cira 2012-2014)

Moonlight Soldiers was an unofficial fansite for the English Dub of Sailor Moon.


Moonlight Soldiers was created in 2006 under the name "Sailor Moon Universe" by a Sailor Moon fan user the username "Fighter4Luv", a contrinbutor to the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars fandub.[1] February of 2007 the website changed domain name to[2]

The website is notable for its contributions from Susan Aceron, the voice actress for Sailor Pluto, and Nicole Thault, ADR director for the English localization of Sailor Moon.[3] Moonlight Soldiers provided basic information for both the English localization and Japanese adaptation of Sailor Moon, including minor changes and censorship in the series and merchandise released for the series in North America. The website was last officially updated August of 2012. Some time in 2014, the domain space expired.

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