Nacrid is the fourth Cardian that Alan and Ann send to drain energy for the Doom Tree. She is an ugly monster with tentacles that extend from her hair and her back to drain energy from people. She appeared in Sailor Moon R Episode 4, VR Madness.

In the virtual reality game, Nacrid attacked the people and drained their energy. She also targeted Serena's father, and her brother Sammy. When Serena transformed into Sailor Moon to fight her, and threw her tiara, it seemed to have lost all its power. Fortunately, the Moonlight Knight arrived (ending Serena's suspicion that he was Darien, because Darien and the Moonlight Knight were there at the same time) and cut off the tentacles on her head, but she attacked him with the tentacles on her back, until they too were cut off by Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus proceeded to destroy Nacrid with Jupiter Thunder Crash and Venus Crescent Beam Smash.


  • Nacrid's death is very similar in appearance to that of Thoth-Amon from the film Conan the Destroyer.