The following is a list of character names, and how they were changed from the Japanese version and the manga.

Major characters and minor human characters

English name Japanese name English gender Japanese gender
Serena Usagi Female Female
Amy Ami Female Female
Raye Rei Female Female
Lita Makoto Female Female
Mina Minako Female Female
Darien Mamoru Male Male
Rini Chibiusa Female Female
Luna Luna Female Female
Artemis Artemis Male Male
Molly Naru Female Female
Melvin Umino Male Male
Andrew Motoki Male Male
Sammy Shingo Male Male
Chad Yuichiro Male Male
Jedite Jadeite Male Male
Neflite Nephrite Male Male
Zoycite Zoisite Female Male
Malachite Kunzite Male Male
Queen Beryl Queen Beryl Female Female
The Negaforce Queen Metallia Female Female
Alan Eiru Male Male
Ann An Female Female
Catzi Koan Female Female
Bertie Berthier Female Female
Avery Calaveras Female Female
Prizma Petz Female Female
Rubeus Crimson Rubeus Male Male
Emerald Green Esmeraude Female Female
Sapphire Blue Saphir Male Male
Prince Diamond Prince Demand Male Male
Wiseman / the Doom Phantom Wiseman / the Death Phantom Male Male
Amara Haruka Female Female
Michelle Michiru Female Female
Trista Setsuna Female Female
Hotaru Hotaru Female Female
Doctor Tomoe Professor Tomoe Male Male
Kaorinite Kaolinite Female Female
Eugeal Eudial Female Female
Mimet Mimete Female Female
Telulu Tellu Female Female
Byruit Viluy Female Female
Cyprin Cyprine Female Female
Petirol Ptitol Female Female
Germatoid Germatoid Male Male
Mistress 9 Mistress 9 Female Female
Pharaoh 90 Pharaoh 90 Male Male
Pegasus / Helios Pegasus / Helios Male Male
Zirconia Zirconia Male Female
Tiger's Eye Tiger's Eye Male Male
Hawk's Eye Hawk's Eye Male Male
Fish Eye Fisheye or Fish Eye Female Male
Besu Besu VesVes Female Female
Cele Cele CereCere Female Female
Jun Jun JunJun Female Female
Para Para PallaPalla Female Female
Queen Nehelenia Queen Nehellenia Female Female
Greg Ryo Male Male
Rita Reika Female Female
Elizabeth Unazuki Female Female
Melissa Momoko Female Female
Melanie Momoko Female Female
Kelly Kyusuke Male Male
Diana Diana Female Female
Queen Serenity Queen Serenity Female Female

Monsters of the Week

Sailor Moon

English name Japanese name Gender Race
Morga Morga Female Negamonster
Fro Flau Female Negamonster
Derela Derella Female Negamonster
Garoben Garoben Female Negamonster
Ramwoir Ramua Female Negamonster
Kigaan Kigaan Female Negamonster
Dream Dolly Murid Female Negamonster
Titus Thetis Female Negamonster
Tensie Tesuni Female Negamonster
Petasos Petasos Female Negamonster
Black Widow Widow Female Negamonster
Kyameran Cameran Female Negamonster
Jumo Jumeau Female Negamonster
Leo the Lion Regulus Male Negamonster
The Gemini Warriors Castor and Pollux Female Negamonster
Soul Shadow Male Negamonster
Yasha Yasha Female Negamonster
Housenka Housenka Female Negamonster
Grape Grape Female Negamonster
Suzuran Suzuran Female Negamonster
Game Machine Man Gesen Male Negamonster
Bobo the Vulture Boxy Male Negamonster
Bumboo Bunbo Male Negamonster
Veena Binah Female Negamonster
Techniclon Rikoukeidar Female Negamonster
Pox Jiji Male Negamonster
Bakene Bakene Male Negamonster
Akan Akan Male Negamonster
Mitsuaami Mitsuami Female Negamonster
Polite Society Shakoukai Female Negamonster
Blizzard Blizzar Female Negamonster
Misha Doringelars Male Negamonster
Janelle Doringelars Female Negamonster
Ancient Creature of the Lake Female Sea monster
Ninjana Oniwabandana Female Negamonster


Sailor Moon R

English name Japanese name Gender Race
Vampeal Vampir Female Cardian
Minotaur Minotauron Female Cardian
Faraion Falion Male Cardian
Nacrid Hell Ant Female Cardian
Racy Reci Female Cardian
Vulturous Gigaros Male Cardian
Skulker Amaderasu Female Cardian
Amphibia Seiren Female Cardian
Mophead Utonberino Female Cardian
Pierrot Bipierrot Female Cardian
Insectia Amanju Female Cardian
Four Face Yamandakka Female Cardian
Droido Atsugessho Female Droid
Frosty Nipasu Female Droid
Rhonda Dumble Female Droid
Thunderclap Furaiki Female Droid
Jellax Jamanen Female Droid
Avocado Avogadora Female Droid
Hypnotica Akumuda Female Droid
Grim Man Jakoku Male Droid
Marzipan Marzipan Female Droid
Regalia Udering Female Droid
Injector Pharmakon Female Droid
Animal Instinct Dogba Female Droid
Mistrust Giwaku Female Droid
Doom and Gloom Chiral and Achiral Male Droid?
Genie of the Time Warp Ryuax Female Droid

Sailor Moon S

English name Japanese name Gender Race
Mikusi Mikuji Female Daimon
Nekonnell Nekonneru Female Daimon
Steeringoo Steering Female Daimon
Octave Octave Female Daimon
Osoji Osouji Female Daimon
Die Heart Daiheart Female Daimon
Scar Scar Female Daimon
Dovlin Doburin Female Daimon
Tiren Taiyan Female Daimon
Toden Toden Female Daimon
Haikyun Haikyun Female Daimon
Senishenta Cenicienta Female Daimon
Soyer Soiya Female Daimon
Chagarma Chagama Female Daimon
Ironder Irondar Female Daimon
Darumah Daruma Female Daimon
Hurdler Hurdler Female Daimon
Chiseller Chokokkar Female Daimon
Chiquon Chikuon Female Daimon
Doorknobder Doorknobdar Female Daimon
Western U-Estern Female Daimon
Uhenshu U-Henshuu Female Daimon
Uta U-Tahime Female Daimon
Utomodachi U-Tomodachi Female Daimon
Ubara U-Baulla Female Daimon
Undohkai U-Ndokai Female Daimon
Ikasaman U-Ikasaman Female Daimon
Uchoten U-Chouten Female Daimon
Upasocon U-Pasokon Female Daimon
Rangy Rangy Female Daimon

Sailor Moon Super S

English name Japanese name Gender Race
Karakuriko Karakuriko Female Remless
Danko Kyokubadanko Female Remless
Cannonball Do Kanko Female Remless
Juggling Jackal Otedamako Female Remless
Puko Puko Female Remless
Kigurumiko Kigurumiko Female Remless
Tenko Tenko Female Remless
Hebihanabiko Hebihanabiko Female Remless
Mizugeiko Mizugeiko Female Remless
Tsunawataro Tsunawatarou Male Remless
Buranko Buranko Female Remless
Ayatoriko Ayatoriko Female Remless
Sea Lion Gum Mario Male Remless
Gittanko Gittanko Female Remless
Bakkonko Battanko Female Remless
Autobiko Autobiko Female Remless
Mawashitaro Mawashitarou Male Remless
Ponko Ponko Female Remless
Kurumiwario Kurumiwario Male Remless
Elephanko Elephanko Female Remless
Shuffle Shuffle Furou Male Remless
Tobihaneru Tobihaneru Male Remless
Mr. Magic Pierrot Mr. Magic Pierrot, or Mister Magic Pierrot Male Remless
Garagara GaraGara Musume Female Remless
Kerokero KeroKero Musume Female Remless
Manemane ManeMane Musume Female Remless
Garigari GariGari Female Remless
Jarajara JaraJara Jou Female Remless
Jumper Tobikiri Yarou Male Remless
Togetoge TogeToge Jou Female Remless
Paopao Girl PaoPao Musume Female Remless
Peropero PeroPero Female Remless
Pakupaku PakuPaku Yarou Male Remless
Biribiri BiriBiri Yarou Male Remless


English name Japanese name
Sailor Scouts Sailor Senshi
Negaverse Dark Kingdom
Doom Tree Makaiju
Negamoon Family Black Moon Clan
Bureau of Bad Behavior Death Busters
Dark Moon Circus Dead Moon Circus
Negamonster Youma
Cardian Cardian
Droid Droid
Daimon Daimon
Remless Lemures
Negamoon Sisters Ayakashi Sisters
Witches 5 Witches 5
Amazon Trio Amazon Trio
Amazon Quartet Amazoness Quartet

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