No Thanks, Nurse Venus! is the 31st episode of Sailor Moon R. It was preceded by Promises Fulfilled and followed by Dog Day for Artemis.


Raye is sick with the flu, and so are Lita and Amy, and Mina came over to look after them, but ended up destroying their places. The same thing happens when Mina comes to Raye's house. Serena and her family (except Rini) are also sick with the flu, including Luna. Rini becomes Mina's assistant, and they both have the same effect on her as Mina did on the others, but in the end, Serena's flu seems to disappear. Mina also tells Serena that she's doing her best because she wants to show how much she cares for Serena since she's the Moon Princess.

Mina and Rini go over to the doctor to get some medicine for Serena's family, which is completely deserted except for Emerald and her droid, Injector. The hospital is a vulnerable spot and Emerald and Injector infected everyone with the flu as part of their plan. They try to inject Rini, who hates needles, and the crescent moon on her forehead activates, alerting the Scouts. Mina transforms into Sailor Venus and attacks Emerald and Injector. Injector shoots needle projectiles to pin Sailor Venus to the wall, but the other Sailor Scouts arrive and corner Emerald, forcing her to leave.

Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars use Mercury Bubbles Blast and Mars Celestial Fire Surround, before Sailor Moon destroys Injector with Moon Scepter Elimination, despite still being a little ill from Emerald's flu.

Afterward, everyone gets better, but Mina and Artemis actually do come down with the flu, and the episode ends when Serena and Rini coming to help them out.


  • First and last appearance of Droid Injector.

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