One in the Hand is the 37th episode of Sailor Moon Super S. It was preceded by The Dark Legend and followed by Golden Revival.


While trapped in mirrors in another dimension, the Amazon Quartet remember the time in a forest when they found a dream mirror, through which they met Queen Nehelenia, gave them the orbs to give them her power, and keep them young forever.

Inside Queen Nehelenia's mirror, Nehelenia extracts Sailor Mini Moon's dream mirror and tells Pegasus to re-enter his body, or else she will destroy Sailor Mini Moon's dream mirror. Pegasus re-enters his body and becomes Helios again.

Meanwhile, the Sailor Scouts encounter Zirconia, who creates several clones of himself.

Nehelenia tries to use Helios to conquer the world, but he rejects her, so she attacks him and traps him and Sailor Mini Moon in spiderlike threads.

The Sailor Scouts fight Zirconia and his clones, but the clones keep regenerating. Eventually, Sailor Mercury finds the real Zirconia (as he is the only one who has Zircon on the tip of his staff), and attacks him with Mercury Aqua Rhapsody, making all the clones disappear.

Then, Zirconia makes the Amazon Quartet reappear. He traps them and begins draining their power. Nehelenia, whom the Amazon Quartet believed to like them, reveals that she was only using them. Sailor Mercury tells them that they must break their orbs to escape and stop Zirconia. They do not want to, as it would mean giving up eternal childhood, which they think will destroy their dreams, but Sailor Moon tels them that it will not destroy their dreams, and that they can get new ones if they do lose their dreams. So, they smash their orbs on the ground, releasing them from Nehelenia's power. Zirconia can therefore no longer absorb Nehelenia's power from them, and retreats.

Nehelenia takes the Golden Crystal from Helios. When Zirconia is in front of the mirror, Nehelenia tells him that she is tired of his failures, and that he is fired permanently. Now that she has the golden crystal, she is able to escape from her mirror. As she puts her hand through, Zirconia's hand turns red. When Nehelenia walks out of her mirror, Zirconia glows red and disappears (along with Zircon), apparently unable to coexist in the real world with Nehelenia (as he is a reflection of her).

The Sailor Scouts find Sailor Mini Moon outside Nehelenia's mirror, but Nehelenia begins taking over the world.


  • The Amazon Quartet officially turn good in this episode, and their origin is explained
  • Final appearance of Zirconia and Zircon
  • Queen Nehelenia is now out of her mirror, and possesses the golden crystal  

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