"Where's the great spa food?"


People Who Need People is the 16th episode of Sailor Moon S. It was preceded by Tainted Tea Party and followed by Related by Destiny.


Lita runs through a forest, remembering her most recent battle. She and the other Sailor Scouts were fighting an incredibly powerful Daimon named Ironder, whom Sailor Jupiter's Sparkling Wide Pressure did no damage to. Ironder was destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack. Lita's pride was damaged in the battle, so she goes to a mountain retreat to train, with a man named Kakkasui as her master.

Kakkasui is Eugeal's next target. Doctor Tomoe tells her that she will know the three Pure Heart crystals when she finds them; they will turn into three treasures, which are a sword, a mirror, and a crystal ball. Once they are all put together in the same place, the Purity Chalice will appear, which they can use to put the final phase of their plan into motion. Eugeal drives off with the latest Daimon (created from an unknown object with a face) in a box.

Serena, Amy, Raye, and Mina go to the mountain retreat to see Lita, although Serena's true intentions are to see Darien, who has a part time job at the hotel that is located there. After they see Lita, they go to the hotel where Darien is, and see Amara and Michelle.

Eugeal arrives and extracts Kakkasui's Pure Heart with her heart snatching gun. Lita and Serena transform into Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon, and Eugeal sends her Daimon, Darumah, after them. Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Venus arrive, but Sailor Jupiter wants to fight Darumah on her own. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune arrive and say that Eugeal got the wrong Pure Heart once again. They return the Pure Heart to Kakkasui and leave, while Eugeal drives away.

Darumah wraps a dark appendage around the Sailor Scouts to trap them, but they break free. Darumah shoots the Spiral Heart Moon Scepter out of Sailor Moon's hand. Using advice from Kakkasui, Sailor Jupiter uses a powerful Sparkling Wide Pressure attack that destroys Darumah.


  • This is the second and final time a Daimon monster of the week is destroyed by a character other than Sailor Moon.
  • First and last appearance of Daimons Ironder and Darumah.

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