Pluto Deadly Scream is Sailor Pluto's attack. It was first witnessed in Sailor Moon S. She attacks by shooting a purple energy orb shaped like a planet and is first used against the Daimon Western. It is called Dead Scream in the original Japanese version and in the Viz dub it retains its original name. To perform this attack, Sailor Pluto raised the Garnet Rod into the air and a small whirlwind encircled her. She said the attack name and the wind coalesced into the Garnet Orb, creating a glowing purple ball of energy. She spun once, holding the Garnet Rod before her, and then fired the light purple energy at her target, causing them to scream in pain. It was her only offensive attack ever used in the anime.


The name of this attack is derived from the mythological Pluto, who was the Roman god of the underworld.

According to the Sailor Moon SuperS Movie Memorial Album, in the anime, the mist that forms around Sailor Pluto’s Garnet Orb when she performs Dead Scream is called the meikai no kaze (冥界の風), which means “the wind of the underworld.

The literal meanings of the kanji characters used in the name of this attack in the manga are "destruction" (破滅) and "wheezing" (喘鳴).

  • Interestingly, Sailor Pluto appears to be wearing purple eye-shadow as she performs the attack.
  • Like Deep Submerge and World Shaking, Dead Scream takes on the form of the user's own planet to attack the target.  
  • The colour of the energy ball is inconsistent in the anime; although the main portion is usually light purple (although occasionally a darker shade), the ring around it is sometimes red and sometimes blue.

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