Prediction of Doom is the 22nd episode of Sailor Moon R. It was preceded by Naughty 'N' Nice and followed by Enemies No More.


Darien has been having nightmares, where a voice tells him to stay away from Serena, and if he marries her, the world will be destroyed.

The next day, while the girls are discussing what they know about the Negamoon, Serena sees Darien with a girl named Lizzie, and thinks that she is Darien's new girlfriend. When Rini finds out, she runs out to stop him (mysteriously disliking the idea of them not getting back together), but is almost hit by a truck, activating the crescent moon on her forehead. Rubeus sees this and sends Avery and Prizma after her.

Serena and Luna arrive as Prizma and Avery are attacking Rini, and Serena transforms into Sailor Moon to fight them. They send a droid named Hypnotica after her. Hypnotica tries to hypnotize her, but the other Sailor Scouts arrive. Prizma and Avery retreat, and Sailor Mars throws a Mars Fireballs Charge scroll attack at her to injure her, but she enters Sailor Moon and puts her into Eternal Sleep, to which if she stays in this state too long, all her energy will be gone, killing her.

With no other way of waking her up, Luna tells Darien, who, as Tuxedo Mask, kisses Sailor Moon, driving Hypnotica out of her. Sailor Moon destroys Hypnotica with Moon Scepter Elimination.

Tuxedo Mask is still avoiding Sailor Moon, though it hurts him as much as it hurts her. Later, Serena discovers that Lizzie is Andrew's sister and that he was giving her a ride home, and she already has a boyfriend that isn't Darien.


  • The reason behind Darien breaking up with Serena is revealed.
  • First and last appearance of Droid Hypnotica.
  • First appearance of Andrew's sister Lizzie


  • Sailor Moon's eternal sleep references the story of Sleeping Beauty.

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