Princess Diamond is a princess who possesses a crystal. Because of this, both Luna and Neflite believed her to be the Moon Princess, and her crystal to be the Imperium Silver Crystal. She only appeared in Episode 18, Worth a Princess's Ransom. She became possessed by Soul Shadow, whom Neflite had sent to possess Molly so he could transfer to her at the party. There she threw Serena over the balcony (and nearly did the same to Darien) before Sailor Mars threw a scroll attack onto her, driving Soul Shadow out of her. He was then destroyed by Sailor Moon. It turns out she was not the Moon Princess and her crystal was not the silver crystal.


  • Princess Diamond's name is similar to that of Sailor Moon R antagonist Prince Diamond, the only difference being that she is a princess while he is a prince. Yet she is completely unrelated to him, and, unlike him, is a minor character.
  • Her glasses look the same as Melvin's.

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