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Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl is the queen of the Negaverse, and main antagonist of Sailor Moon. Her goal is to release her master, the Negaforce, and rule the world.

Character biography

Queen Beryl invaded the Moon Kingdom a long time ago, but was sealed inside the silver crystal by Queen Serenity. However, she and all her followers returned.

For the first seventeen episodes, Queen Beryl was trying to gather energy for the Negaforce. She sent Jedite to get the job done, but he failed nine times, and was defeated by the Sailor Scouts, so she put him into Eternal Sleep and sent Neflite to gather energy.

After several failed attempts, she began searching for the Moon Princess. Once Neflite was killed, Zoycite became the new commander, and Beryl sent her to find the seven rainbow crystals and reawaken the Seven Shadows with the crystal carriers. Zoycite got four of the crystals, but all the Seven Shadows were killed by Sailor Moon when she healed the crystal carriers.

Beryl then commanded Zoycite to bring Tuxedo Mask to her alive so she could turn him evil. However, Zoycite tried to kill him as revenge for scratching her face, so Beryl killed her, though she was able to turn Darien evil, the rainbow crystals combined into the Imperium Silver Crystal, which Sailor Moon / Princess Serena got.

Beryl then sent Malachite and Prince Darien to find Sailor Moon. Malachite turned several people into monsters on his attempts, but they were all healed, and soon Malachite was killed.

As the Sailor Scouts made their way to the Negaverse to fight Beryl, she sent the Doom and Gloom Girls after them. They defeated all the Sailor Scouts except Sailor Moon (though they were killed in the process), whom Beryl teleported to the Negaverse to fight Prince Darien. After Sailor Moon healed Darien with her locket, Beryl threw a giant spike at Darien, but he countered by throwing a rose at her, shattering the spike and hitting her directly.
Beryl Negaforce

Queen Beryl combined with the Negaforce

Beryl went to the Negaforce for help, and the Negaforce combined with her to form a gigantic Queen Beryl with blue skin and hair. She fought Sailor Moon, who transformed into Princess Serena. Powered up by the other Sailor Scouts, she used Cosmic Moon Power to form an energy ball that completely destroyed Beryl.

At the end of the episode, Sailor Moon's voice says that Beryl was "banished to the Negaverse" (even though the Negaverse was destroyed as well), as does the narrator, but this was also used when Sailor Moon destroys the Negamonster, Derela. In addition, her death is confirmed by Artemis in Episode 3 of Sailor Moon R.

She apparently knew Alan and Ann, as they had heard about Earth from her sometime before her death.


Beryl can shoot lethal energy waves from her crystal ball, or two small energy balls from her eyes that can put people into an eternal frozen state and then vanish them into infinite darkness. This is called Eternal Sleep. She also throws giant crystal spikes at her enemies.

While merged with the Negaforce, she can shoot energy waves of darkness, and is even stronger than Malachite.

Voiced by Naz Edwards

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