Sailor Moon The Full Moon Collection
Queen Beryl (theme)
Originally performed by
Composer Bob Summers
Performer(s) Instrumental
Length 0:59
Films The Promise of the Rose
Hearts in Ice
Black Dream Hole
Season Sailor Moon (season)
Sailor Moon R
Albums Sailor Moon: The Full Moon Collection
Preceded by Tuxedo Mask (theme)
Followed by
Sailor Moon The Full Moon Collection Track 21 - Queen Beryl01:00

Sailor Moon The Full Moon Collection Track 21 - Queen Beryl

"Queen Beryl" is the character theme for Queen Beryl and the Negaverse. "Queen Beryl" was featured in the first two seasons of Sailor Moon and the films The Promise of the Rose, Hearts in Ice and Black Dream Hole. "Queen Beryl" was composed by Bob Summers.


  • The first 34 seconds of the "Queen Beryl" arrangement was never used in the series or its proceeding films.

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