Rhonda is a droid sent by Catzi to take over one of the crystal points of Tokyo. She appeared in Sailor Moon R Episode 17, Gramps in a Pickle.

Catzi set up the arena of the fighting school in Raye's temple (which turned out to be one of the crystal points, similar to how Raye's grandpa had one of the rainbow crystals inside him) so that anyone defeated by Rhonda fell under her evil spell. Rhonda defeated all the girls in the martial arts training school, and they all turned evil. Grandpa defeated them all, but Rhonda knocked him out with an energy wave. Serena transformed into Sailor Moon and fought Rhonda. Her attack was stopped by Tuxedo Mask, and Sailor Moon destroyed Rhonda with her scepter.


  • Rhonda is the only droid sent by Catzi. The others were sent by Bertie, Avery, or Prizma.

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