Rino Romano
Rino Romano (Present)
Biographical Information
G. Name Rino Romano
S. Name Rino Romano
Born Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Birth July 1, 1969
Role(s) Darien Shields
Appeared in Sailor Moon (ep. 1-11)

Rino Romano is an Italian-Canadian voice actor. He provided the voice of Darien Shields in the first season of Optimum Productions localizations Sailor Moon.


Film and Television

Romano has portrayed Batman in the animated TV series The Batman, Spider-Man in the animated TV series Spider-Man Unlimited, Eduardo Rivera in Extreme Ghostbusters, and Luis Sera in Resident Evil 4.

Romano also provided voice narration for the PBS series Curious George, as well as previews on NBC, and The CW. He is currently the narrator for the courtroom reality TV series Hot Bench, created by Judge Judith Sheindlin, known for Judge Judy.

Sailor Moon

Romano was the first voice actor cast for the role of Darien Shields in DiC Entertainment's English localization of Sailor Moon. Similar to Tracey Moore, Romano voiced Darien Shields for eleven episodes. When he reportedly quit the production, he was replaced by Toby Proctor.[1]


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