Sailor Moon The Full Moon Collection
Sailor Jupiter (theme)
Originally performed by
Composer Bob Summers
Performer(s) Instrumental
Length 0:56
Films The Promise of the Rose
Hearts in Ice
Black Dream Hole
Season Sailor Moon (season)
Sailor Moon R
Albums Sailor Moon: The Full Moon Collection
Preceded by Tuxedo Mask (theme)
Followed by Melvin (theme)
Sailor Moon - Inner Scout Transformation Theme Song00:57

Sailor Moon - Inner Scout Transformation Theme Song

"Sailor Jupiter" is the character theme for the Sailor Scout of the same name and a reoccurring action theme featured in the first two seasons of Sailor Moon. "Sailor Jupiter" was composed by Bob Summers.


  • Despite its name, "Sailor Jupiter" was used in the series before the character herself appeared, almost twenty episodes into the first season.

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