Sailor Moon: Songs From The Hit Series
Sailor Moon (Soundtrack)
Released  February 17, 1995
Length  29:13
Label  Kid Rhino Records (NA)
Producer  Unknown
Soundtrack Chronology
Previous Soundtrack: N/A

Next Soundtrack: Sailor Moon: Unnatural Phenomena

Sailor Moon: Songs From The Hit Series was released February 17, 1995 in between Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R. The soundtrack features music from artists Stan Bush, Jennifer Cihi and Sandy Howell, the latter providing the majority of the lyrical themes on the soundtrack.

Science fiction and fantasy historian, Fred Patten, reviewed the soundtrack, citing "Oh Starry Night" and "Rainy Day Man" as the best themes featured on the soundtrack. However, he felt Bush's "She's Got The Power" was lacking in concrete references relating to Sailor Moon herself.[1]


No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Sailor Moon Theme"  Nicole Price, Brynne Price 1:35
2. "I Wanna Be A Star!"  Jennifer Cihi (Serena) Sandy Howell (Background vocals, Raye) 3:24
3. "My Only Love"  Jennifer Cihi (Serena) 3:09
4. "Call My Name (I'll Be There)"  Jennifer Cihi (Serena) Sandy Howell (Background vocals, Raye) 2:57
5. "Oh Starry Night"  Sandy Howell (Raye) 3:17
6. "It's A New Day"  Jennifer Cihi (Serena) 2:50
7. "Carry On"  Jennifer Cihi (Serena) 2:11
8. "Rainy Day Man"  Patricia Tollett (Lita) 3:09
9. "Only A Memory Away"  Shandi Sinnamon (Amy) 3:12
10. "She's Got The Power"  Stan Bush 2:58
11. "Sailor Moon Theme Reprise (Ending)"  Nicole & Brynne Price 0:32

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