Sailor Moon: The Full Moon Collection
Sailor Moon The Full Moon Collection
Released  November 12, 2002
Length  52:19
Label  Koch Records (NA)
Producer  Unknown
Soundtrack Chronology
Previous Soundtrack: Sailor Moon & the Scouts: Lunarock

Next Soundtrack: N/A

Sailor Moon: The Full Moon Collection was released November 12, 2002 by Koch Records (now E1 Music). The Full Moon Collection serves as the series compilation album and features the themes from the previous two soundtracks, Sailor Moon: Songs From The Hit Series and Sailor Moon & the Scouts: Lunarock.

The Full Moon Collection also includes key cues from the original score written exclusively for the first two seasons of the series (Moon and R), composed by Bob Summers.[1] The Full Moon Collection is the last soundtrack produced for the North American dub of Sailor Moon.


No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Pan Flute"  Bob Summers 0:33
2. "Sailor Moon Theme (S.A.F. Remix)"  Nicole & Brynne Price 3:15
3. "I'm Not Ready"  Sandy Howell (Raye), Ronald Wasserman 3:49
4. "My Only Love (Remix)"  Jennifer Cihi (Serena), Sandy Howell (Raye) 3:39
5. "I Want Someone To Love (RAWmix)"  Jennifer Cihi (Serena), Patricia Tollett (Lita), Sandy Howell (Raye) 5:19
6. "I Want To Hold Your Hand (Hi-NRG Mix)"  Jennifer Cihi (Serena) 5:09
7. "Moon Crystal Power"  Bob Summers 0:45
8. "Call My Name (I'll Be There)"  Jennifer Cihi (Serena) 2:58
9. "Tiara Action"  Bob Summers 0:45
10. "I Wanna Be A Star!"  Jennifer Cihi (Serena), Sandy Howell (Raye) 3:26
11. "Receiving Waves, Part 3"  Bob Summers 0:52
12. "The Power Of Love"  Jennifer Cihi (Serena) 3:07
13. "Tuxedo Mask (theme)"  Bob Summers 0:11
14. "Rainy Day Man"  Patricia Tollett (Lita) 3:13
15. "Luna"  Bob Summers 0:25
16. "Nothing At All"  Sandy Howell (Raye) 2:22
17. "Sailor Jupiter"  Bob Summers 0:57
18. "It's A New Day"  Jennifer Cihi (Serena) 2:52
19. "Melvin (theme)"  Bob Summers 0:50
20. "Sailor Moon Theme (S.A.F. Club Mix)"  Nicole & Brynne Price 6:48
21. "Queen Beryl (theme)"  Bob Summers 1:01


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