Sailor Moon & the Scouts: Lunarock
Sailor Moon & The Scouts Luna Rock (Cover)
Released  June 15, 1999
Length  28:03
Label  Kid Rhino Records (NA)
EMI Group Limited (Canada)
Producer  Unknown
Soundtrack Chronology
Previous Soundtrack: Sailor Moon: Unnatural Phenomena

Next Soundtrack: Sailor Moon: The Full Moon Collection

Sailor Moon & The Scouts: Lunarock was released June 15, 1999 during Sailor Moon R. Lunarock is the second English-language soundtrack released for Sailor Moon for North America and Canada.

Release History

Two versions of the Lunarock CD. The first was released in Canada by the british music corporation, EMI. The second was released in North America by Kid Rhino Entertainment's record company. The track listings for both are almost identical, however, depending on the release, some songs, such as "I Want Someone To Love" (listed as "RAW RE-MIX" on the Kid Rhino release) and "I Want To Hold Your Hand", are not featured on the CD.

Track Listing

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "The Power Of Love"  Jennifer Cihi (Serena) 3:05
2. "I Want Someone To Love"  Jennifer Cihi (Serena), Patricia Tollett (Lita), Sandy Howell (Raye) 4:24
3. "I Want To Hold Your Hand"  Jennifer Cihi (Serena) 3:39
4. "Who Do You Think You Are?"  Jennifer Cihi (Serena), Sandy Howell (Raye) 4:27
5. "Moonlight Densetsu / Moonlight Legends"  Dali 2:54
6. "Daddy's Girl"  Patricia Tollett (Lita) 3:38
7. "Ai No Senshi / Soldier Of Love"  Yoko Ishida 3:38
8. "Nothing At All"  Sandy Howell (Raye) 2:17


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