Sibling Rivalry is the 25th episode of Sailor Moon R. It was preceded by Checkmate and followed by Rubeus Evens the Score.


Wiseman tells Rubeus to destroy Sailor Moon and turn Catzi and Bertie evil again, so he gives Prizma a strobe and sends her and Avery to capture them.

Catzi, Bertie, and Rini are hanging out at the temple when Prizma and Avery capture Catzi and Bertie. The girls all transform, revealing their true identities to Rini. The Sailor Scouts fight Avery and Prizma, who gain the advantage with the strobe, which causes Prizma to go power-crazy and attack Avery, releasing Catzi and Bertie. However, thanks to some teamwork with a "divide-and-conquer" scheme, the Sailor Scouts disarm Prizma of the strobe, then defeat her, leaving her humiliated at having been defeated as well, before she is cheered up by her sisters. Rubeus then appears and tells Avery and Prizma that they have failed, before revealing the ultimate weapon in the strobe, the time-warp vortex. He activates its power, creating a black hole that sucks everything in.

Prizma says she will go into the hole to destroy it, though she will be destroyed in the process. Catzi, Bertie, and Avery stop her, and the Sailor Scouts go in, destroying the strobe with the Sailor Planet Attack, and reappearing unharmed. On his ship, Rubeus is furious that the Scouts destroyed both the strobe and the time-warp vortex. Sailor Moon then heals Avery and Prizma with Moon Crystal Healing Activation, and they work with Catzi and Bertie at their cosmetic shop.


  • Avery and Prizma turn good in this episode.
  • Rini discovers the Sailor Scouts' true identities.
  • A scene where Serena's 'stomach trumpet' sounds was cut.

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