Stephanie Beard
(born August 27, 1981) is a Canadian actress, voice actress and television and radio personality. Her radio host persona goes by Suga BayBee, and as co-host of The Zone, she was called Sugar. Her Hollywood stage name is Sugar Lyn Beard. Beard was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

From 2001 to 2007, Beard hosted The Zone, a series of short interstitial segments that aired between regular weekday programming on the Canadian children's network YTV. Beard's Suga BayBee was also a character on the Mad Dog and Billie morning show formerly aired on Toronto radio station KISS 92.5.

She played the role of Susan in the 2011 film 50/50 and the character Fiona in two episodes of season 6 of Weeds.

She also had an column in the Toronto Star's Brand New Planet Kids Newspaper.


Rini /Sailor Mini Moon (Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon SuperS)

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