The Dark Legend is the 36th episode of Sailor Moon Super S. It was preceded by Show Time Showdown and followed by One in the Hand.


Sailor Mini Moon has been trapped inside a mirror by Zirconia. There, she sees Helios's body where it has been imprisoned. Queen Nehelenia appears and tells her that she envied Queen Serenity and the Moon Kingdom, as the Dark Moon was nowhere near as nice a place to live. She tried to take the Golden Crystal from Helios so she could rule the world, but as her intentions were evil, it attacked her, so she imprisoned Helios. When Queen Serenity found out, she imprisoned Nehelenia inside a mirror. At the solar eclipse, however, she was able to send the evil forces to Earth.

Nehelenia tells Zirconia to destroy the Sailor Scouts. For the fun of it, the Amazon Quartet create a life-sized doll of Sailor Mini Moon and switch it around with her.

The Sailor Scouts enter a funhouse, where they see many mirrors. Zirconia uses their reflections to try and trick them into giving up the fight. Remembering Darien and Rini, Sailor Moon does not fall for it, and destroys the mirror with Moon Tiara Magic. The other Sailor Scouts destroy the other mirrors.

The Amazon Quartet try to ride Pegasus, but as he is an illusion this does not work, so they try to take the golden crystal from him, and he starts a fire. Sailor Mini Moon runs through the fire to save him, and the fire disappears. Zirconia traps the Amazon Quartet inside separate mirrors and traps them in another dimension, and then re-imprisons Sailor Mini Moon in Nehelenia's mirror.

While in the other dimension, the Amazon Quartet begin to realize that they are on the losing side.


  • Part of Queen Nehelenia's origin is explained
  • First and last appearance of Moon Tiara Magic in Super S

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