The Shadow of Silence is the 26th episode of Sailor Moon S. It was preceded by Mimet's Mess and followed by Thorny Weather.


Trista tells Rini the name of her human form. Amara, Michelle, and Trista know that the world will be saved if the Purity Chalice is placed in the hands of the legendary princess who will save the world.

Meanwhile, Mimet is rejected by a soap opera actor, Mr. Kazama.

Rini goes over to Hotaru's house, but Kaorinite tells her that she is resting and can't be disturbed, and tells her to leave. When Hotaru finds out that Rini was there, she runs after her, but collapses. She experiences a flashback in which she appears to have killed her goldfish and hurt people at school without realizing or remembering it (clearly the true killer/attacker was the Sovereign of Silence inside her). Amara gives Hotaru a ride home, and discovers that Doctor Tomoe (whom she knows to be a Heart Snatcher) is her father. She then stops at a park, sensing that Mimet is about to attack.

Mimet is targeting Mr. Kazama, and summons her Daimon, Utomodachi, who tries to steal Mr. Kazama's Pure Heart, but Amara transforms into Sailor Uranus and attacks her. Rini contacts the other Sailor Scouts and transforms into Sailor Mini Moon before they arrive. Mimet runs off, and Utomodachi is angry at having to fight the Sailor Scouts, so she goes after Hotaru instead. Hotaru suddenly paralyzes her with her power. Sailor Moon uses the Purity Chalice to transform into Super Sailor Moon and destroys Utomodachi with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache, leaving only the comic book she was created from (and a broken Daimon pod).

Hotaru tells Rini she shouldn't see her anymore, as she might hurt her without meaning to. Sailor Uranus de-transforms into Amara and tells Serena it would be best for Rini to stay away from Hotaru (presumably because she is Doctor Tomoe's daughter). Serena decides to see him so Rini can be good friends with her.


  • First and last appearance of Daimon Utomodachi
  • Though Serena has been shown being forced to de-transform twice, this is the first time a Sailor Scout is shown voluntarily de-transforming.

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