• Since its introduction in 2009, the Sailor Moon Dub Wiki has probably been in need of some dire clean up and article formatting. What with missing templates for attacks, characters and etc., quality screencaps (albeit as a result of a lack of a proper screencapping web resource).

    So, first thing’s first:

    All canonical information listed infoboxes is taken from Moonlight Soldiers

    It is the primary source for character biographies and information regarding the Dub. Remember to use it.

    Pay attention to the article format of cleaned up or clean up in progress pages

    I’ve only just started cleaning up the Sailor Moon Dub Wiki, but I’ve done quite a enough stuff that change is effectively noticed right away. Character article conventions should follow that of the Category:Sailor Scouts; season articles should follow the conventions of Sailor Moon (season) and Sailor Moon R. Attack articles should follow the conventions of Mars Fire or Mercury Bubbles. Episode articles should follow the conventions of A Moon Star is Born or Brotherly Love. So on and so forth.

    Any categories you see removed do not belong there and are deemed unnecessary (such as the arbitrary Categories like “xx Male Character” or “xx Female Character”). Do not add them back.

    "In Episode xxx, this happens" / "[insert character here] appears in episode xx"

    This something that's extremely common throughout the Sailor Moon Dub Wiki, referencing the episode title in the bio of the character. In order to streamline the biographical articles for characters so that is reflects your average character biographical (see: Ichigo article on Bleach Wikia, references to what occurs in an episode should be used only. Episode title and number references should be placed inside <ref>Citation HTMLs</ref> so that it appears at the bottom of the page in the references.

    Citations are your best friend

    In accordance with cleaning up the Sailor Moon Dub Wiki, I’ve come across a lot of stuff that’s been made up by editors and vandals that never occurred in the anime (either uncut or edited), especially when it comes to the Sailor Scouts. Therefore, anything that is not immediately common knowledge should be cited with the source you got it from. Information, such as name etymologies and general trivia that is, again, not common knowledge, will be removed from the article.

    The Content on this Wiki is centralized completely on the English Dubs

    Meaning, terminologies like “Yokai”, “Shitennou” will not be used as though they are the canonical terms that were used in the dub. The only time in which Japanese terminologies will be used is when the character is named in the intro (or in the case of attacks, their infobox), or the character article’s subsection ==Original Japanese Adaptation=== is created. Otherwise, Japanese terminologies are not to be used, that’s what our affiliate the Sailor Moon Wiki is for.

    In addition, the “Original Japanese Adaption” (referring either to the uncut anime or the manga) is meant to short passage, not a second article in and of itself. References to either version should only note the important things or events that revolve around the character, not the entire history of the uncut anime or manga itself. That’s what the Sailor Moon Wiki, Wikipedia and WikiMoon is for.


    Galleries on the Sailor Moon Dub Wiki will not be using the “Slideshow” format or the “Portrait” format, merely standard (<gallery></gallery>). Slideshows and Portrait formats are obstructive and slow and do nothing for the aesthetic of the gallery subpage or the article subpage. That’s why they were all removed from the articles in the first place. Keep this in mind.

    Image Quality

    Screencaps for Sailor Moon were hard to come by because of the series lack of availability in the United States. YouTube Quality videos provided little cure in this regard. However, we're not in the early 2000s anymore. There are people screencapping Sailor Moon and uploading high quality images online. Therefore, if uploading screencaps, please use websites such as:

    ALWAYS REMEMBER TO USE THE TAG {{fairuse}}. Low Quality images (no matter size) uploaded past this announcement will be deleted, so your best bet is to remain vigilant, don't use YouTube or other Video Plays for Screencaps, but designated Sailor Moon websites that provide screencaps.

    EDIT (June 2017) - The following websites are no longer hosting live images
    • MoonCaps (Inactive due to new Photobucket Terms of Service about Image Hosting Third Party),
    • Star Dusting (Inactive. Image Galleries Are No Longer Available).
    Sailor Scout Articles

    Traditionally Sailor Scouts and their “Civilian Identities” are kept separate, primarily because the manga’s creator saw them as such. However, there is little to discern “Princess Mars” or “Sailor Mars” from “Raye Hino”. They are the same character. For the sake cleanliness and honestly article convention, Sailor Scouts and their default identities are joined in one article. Sailor Scout names will direct to their given names in the English Dub.

    UPDATE: In light of acknowledging the fact that the Sailor Scouts do have unique information that should be attended to, a {{Tab}} template has been created to separate their early lives, sailor scout abilities and characters and future lives. {{Tabb II}} is for characters like Darien Shields and Pegasus, who aren't Sailor Scouts but have different aliases and the like.

    Series-specific Templates

    The Sailor Moon Dub Wiki is separated and organized via its use of templates, which are mandatory for articles that have specific uses for them. If you’re going to update a character or attack page, the presence an info box is necessary.

    1. If you're editing an article pertaining to the Sailor Scouts, the following template is used Infobox_Character
    1. If you're editing a character page for the primary supporting characters (Darien, Luna, Artemis, Queen Serenity, etc), use the following template: Infobox_Supporting_Character
    2. If you're editing a character page for episodic, reoccurring or supporting characters that appear in the Sailor Moon series, use the following template: Infobox_Minor_Character
    1. If you're editing an enemy page for any of the Sailor Moon Villains, use the follow template: Infobox_Enemy
    1. For Sailor Scout attack pages, use the following template: Infobox_Attacks
    2. For Sailor Scout Broaches and other Magical objects, use the following template: Infobox_Objects

    For navigation templates for specific pages, see the category: Category:Navigation Templates

    Article Clean up

    Browsing through the primarily articles that describe the seasons of Sailor Moon has revealed a rather pressing problem that needs to be addressed by the whole of the community. A lot of the text is riddled with an awful HTML code that break ups just about every sentence and name written by the original creator of the article(s).

    HTML Problem

    The following screenshot is taken from the episode article "Worth a Princess's Ransom". Note the "&nbsp" riddled throughout the text.

    This is extremely problematic for individuals who want to make minor edits or revise a page. So I'd like to ask/request that active users here please try and assist in removing it to make editing pages (all 591 of them) easier to newcomers and mainstays.

    Until this is done DO NOT remove the {{cleanup}} template from articles that have them.


    The Sailor Moon Dub Wiki's articles are also riddled with a number of useless and unnecessary categories like "Mothers", "Schoolgirl" "Heroine", "Male", "Female", “Lovers”, “Brainwashed/Possessed” etc. (things that are listed in the articles biographical information) and more are inadvertently being created every time a new user appears. It would be a great help to this community if users were to assist in removing them.

    The primary categories for this Wiki, in regard to character(s), should be:

    1. Sailor Scouts
    2. Inner Sailor Scouts
    3. Outer Sailor Scouts
    4. Allies
    5. Negamonster(s)
    6. Droid(s)
    7. Daimon
    8. Remless
    9. Deceased Characters

    etc., etc.

    You get the gist.

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