Vampeal is a Cardian who works for Alan and Ann. She is an evil monster who sucks energy from people, particularly young girls. She is the first Cardian that Alan and Ann sent to gather energy for the Doom Tree. She appeared in Sailor Moon R Episode 1, The Return of Sailor Moon.

Luna and Artemis attempted to stop Vampeal themselves and rather than revive the Sailor Scouts, but she was too powerful for them to stop as she was draining Molly's energy. Serena came over at that time and Luna had no choice but to restore her memories of being Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon's energy was nearly drained by Vampeal, but Luna stopped her by biting her arm, giving Sailor Moon the opportunity she needed to destroy Vampeal with Moon Tiara Magic.

Vampeal's name is derived from the word "vampire".


  • This is the last monster-of-the-day to be successfully destroyed by Moon Tiara Magic, as Sailor Moon's tiara begins to lose power in following episodes.

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