Venus Love Chain Encircle is Sailor Venus's third attack. In the Japanese version and the Vz dub, it's called Venus Love Me Chain.

She attacks using a chain made of energy in the shape of hearts. This can be used as a whip to attack or scratch enemies, or a rope to wrap around people, either to trap them or to save them from falling.

It was first used in Sailor Moon R Episode 19, A Charmed Life, when Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter (who previously got into an argument, and later forgave each other) used their new attacks to fight off Avery's droid, Jellax.

Venus Love Chain Encircle was used often following this. During the fight with Emerald, Sailor Venus scratched her with this. She was able to heal the cut, but, according to Luna, was wounded from it anyway.

In Episode 16 of Sailor Moon Super S, Sailor Venus was turned into a Super Sailor by Pegasus, and her attack was upgraded to Super Venus Love Chain.


In the manga, Sailor Venus would remove the chain from her waist and use it to violently attack her opponent.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

In Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, she can perform this attack with a different animation compared with the anime version but with the same orange and pink colours. Sailor Venus performed the attack the same way she did in the manga. Once removed, Sailor Venus' chain could extend to a very large size, and she used it as a whip to strike her enemies or to block attacks. In the Kirari Super Live, she attacked Zoisite and gold dust fell down upon her afterwards.


Sailor Venus first used this attack in episode 11 against a brainwashed Motoki Furuhata. She wrapped her chain around him, called out the attack name, and the chain shocked him with violently strong golden light. She has used this attack several times in the series.


This attack appeared for the first time in the very first musical, Sailor Moon - Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen, where it was used against Kunzite.

Video Games

This attack appeared in several video games.

  • In Sailor Moon S:Kurukkurin and Sailor Moon S: Kondo wa Puzzle de Oshiokiyo!
  • In Sailor Moon SuperS: Jougai Rantou!? Shuyaku Soudatsusen and Sailor Moon SuperS: Zenin Sanka!! Shuyaku Soudatsusen,
  • In Sailor Moon: Another Story


Along with Sailor Jupiter's Jupiter Thunderclap Zap, it was the last of the new attacks featured in the Negamoon arc.

  • The mythological Aphrodite, the Greek equivalent of the Roman goddess Venus, wore a golden girdle which had the power to make anyone fall desperately in love with its wearer. This chain could be a reference to that.
  • In the Sailor Moon beat-em-up video game on the Sega MegaDrive

(Genesis), Sailor Venus actually uses this chain as a normal attack, giving her a whip-like ranged strike which renders her considerably more effective than any of the other Senshi.

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