World Shaking, or Uranus World Shaking, is Sailor Uranus's attack. She shoots an orange energy ball resembling a planet. It works as both an energy ball to hit an enemy directly, and a means of making the enemy suffer as though there is an earthquake.

This attack, combined with Sailor Neptune's Deep Submerge, destroyed the first Daimon Heart Snatcher, Mikusi. It was also powerful enough to destroy Tiren's clone. She also used the attack to defeat Kaorinite, reflecting her attack back at her and knocking her over the edge of the tower.

She also blew the giant Daimon, Germatoid, to bits with World Shaking before he even had a chance to attack, but he was not destroyed, taking the form of several smaller monsters.


  • In the course of a study of tidal effects on earthquakes, the astronomical positions of the planets have also been taken into account and a remarkable correlation between the positions of Uranus and the moment of great earthquakes has been established for a certain period.
  • The energy sphere with the vertical ring released by World Shaking is likely a reference to the planet Uranus, whose axis of rotation is approximately parallel with the plane of the Solar System, causing the planet to rotate along its orbit, thus being similar in appearance to this attack (save for colour).
  • This attack has caused some confusion because, despite Sailor Uranus being the Soldier of Wind and her mythological namesake being the personification of the Sky, it appears to be an earth-based attack. However, the energy is gathered from the sky and returns to the sky right before blasting the foe. In other words, World Shaking is more or less Uranus drawing power from the heavens and crashing it down onto Earth.

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